Cranberry Relish II

For 2011 Thanksgiving I tried a little variation on the classic recipe using wine. The leftovers went into Cranberry Muffins the next day. This version differs from the classic Glen-Mor Restaurant Cranberry Relish, with larger cranberry pieces and a hint of Cabernet.

Servings: 6

Fresh 12 oz. cranberries 1 orange for zest

Pantry 3/4 to [...]

Apple Turnovers

This posting reflects edits and improved photography from the original version posted in September 2010. Thank you to my loyal reader(s) for trying these at home and helping us achieve perfection. We threw the first version together on a Sunday afternoon to bring to a chili cook-off party. These can be made in any [...]

Raspberry Braided Bread

Jim and I spent four days in Vermont last week at King Arthur Flour taking “Principals and Practice of Bread Making.” I made the Raspberry Braided Bread tonight as the first of many recreations from our newly acquired bread-making skills.