Inside-out Carrot Cake

I brought these cookies into work for a colleague’s going away party a few weeks ago and posted the photos immediately but didn’t get around to posting the recipe details until tonight. I have never received so many requests for a recipe, it made me think I should tease readers with photos without recipes [...]

Homemade Girl Scout Cookies

Jim saw a photo on Pinterest of homemade Girl Scout cookies and on a Sunday afternoon we were elbow-deep in melted chocolate. Be warned: both recipes are a lot of work, but worth it – at least once in my life anyway.


Thin Mints

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Homemade Tagalong Cookies

These homemade version of the Girl Scout’s Tagalong cookies are so good, it took an incredible amount of will power to not eat a dozen of them as soon as the chocolate set. These are a lot of work, a big mess, and take all afternoon… but they are worth it.

Servings: 36 [...]

Challah Bread

Jim made this beautiful loaf of Challah Bread today. Recipe coming soon.


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Vegetarian Chili

I am cutting back on meat and trying new meat-less entree recipes.¬†My challenge is my meat-loving husband… who is an eats-meat-at-least-twice-a-day-everyday¬†kind of meat-lover. I need recipes that can satisfy his craving and achieve my dietary objectives. I found this recipe on a newly discovered cooking blog, A Couple Cooks. I adapted the recipe slightly [...]