This site shares the process of writing a new cookbook, working title Taste of New England. Recipes are inspired by New England classics, including the entire dinner and dessert menus served at Jim’s family’s restaurant the Glen-Mor, which operated in Kennebunk, Maine for more than 35 years.

Jill is the recipe experimenter, amateur photographer, and cookbook author. Jim is the master taster, occasional sous chef, gracious dish cleaner, and gold-star member of the Clean Plate Club. Contact: info@recipeoriginals.com.


Jill published a collection of her family recipes in August 2009. The second edition of Dinner at the Table with Jan is available online.


“The world-class cooking of Jan Anderson defined the Anderson family from special occasions to everyday life. Jan spoiled her family with three-course weekday meals, elaborate holiday dinners, and treats packed-up to bring into school and work. The other three Andersons didn’t always cooperate. Mark didn’t like nuts in desserts. Jill required bribes to even try a taste of a seafood dish. And Kim occasionally refused to eat all together until the rest of the family was almost done with their meals.  Dinner at the Table with Jan is more than a collection of recipes. It is a book of memories for a family who gathers in the kitchen and around the dining room table to share their lives.”