Recipes posted require a basic set of kitchen tools – there is no call for miniature blow torches, fancy cast iron casserole dishes, or other use-once-a-year investments. My entire cooking life has taken place in small galley kitchens, and I value every inch of cupboard space too much to collect unnecessary tools.

Large chef’s knife
Paring knife
Serrated knife, for bread slicing

Food mill
Blender and/or hand-held immersion blender
Food processor (optional)
Stand mixer (optional)

9×13-inch glass casserole dish
9-inch round metal pie dish

Set of nesting glass or metal mixing bowls
Set of glass or plastic containers with lids for marinating and leftovers

Large non-stick saute pan with lid
Small, medium, and large saute pan
Medium and large sauce pans
Large stock pot with lid
Ribbed grill pan, cast iron or non-stick, or access to outdoor grill
Large roasting pan

Cooking sheets, with and without sides
Cooling racks

Vegetable peeler
Cherry pitter (optional)

Butcher twine