Mashed Potatoes II

Our process of repeating the recipes is also an opportunity to upgrade the photos. The first Mashed Potatoes photo was just potatoes in a bowl – we will likely use this new one in the cookbook.

Servings: 8

Fresh 6 (2.5 lbs.) white russet potatoes 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter 1 cup milk

Pantry [...]

Glazed Carrots II

I cut the sugar back slightly from the original Glazed Carrots to rave reviews from Jim.

Servings: 4

Fresh 1 lbs. small carrots with greens 2 Tbsp. butter

Pantry 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 cup water

Prepare carrots Trim the greens off the carrots, leaving 1 inch remaining. Peel the carrots.

Prepare glaze [...]

Stewed Tomatoes

Stewed Tomatoes is the first recipe we made when we started this project (photo at the bottom of this post). Over a year later, we are nearing the end of the project and remaking some recipes for photo upgrades before we go to print. One of our dinner guets suggested the sprig [...]

Bread & Butter Pickles

The Glen-Mor Restaurant didn’t serve Bread & Butter Pickles, but it is a part of Jim’s childhood in Maine – his grandmother often made pickles. This version does not can the pickles for storing in the pantry, and instead makes pickles that can be refrigerated for up to 3 weeks. If you prefer canning [...]


Jim and I both love peas. I am always adding them to pasta dishes and casseroles. The Glen-Mor Restaurant served peas as a side dish.

Servings: 4

Fresh 1 lb. peas

Pantry 1 tsp. salt, divided 1/4 tsp. ground black pepper

Boil peas Bring a medium stock pot filled half way with water [...]

Creamed Onions in Crumbs

Jim doesn’t remember eating Creamed Onions growing up, so the Glen-Mor Restaurant comparison taste test could not be conducted. However, we did make the recipe twice to cut down on the richness in the first recipe. Despite the unknown authenticity, we both enjoyed this side dish.

Servings: 8

Fresh 4 cups pearl onions 2 Tbsp. [...]

Baked Potatoes

Jim said we didn’t need to include a recipe for Baked Potatoes because it is so simple, but I prefer to be thorough. I will skip the photo of an undressed baked potato and just provide the method. The Glen-Mor Restaurant did not serve its potatoes in aluminum foil, and followed this straight-forward method to achieve the [...]


We served asparagus along with Roast Leg of Lamb and Quinoa and Squash Gratin for a dinner party this weekend.

Servings: 8

Fresh 2 bunches (1 lb. each) asparagus 2 Tbsp. butter

Pantry 2 quarts water, boiling 2 tsp. salt

Prepare asparagus Trim asparagus ends and peel off any large leaves on the stalks.


Green Beans

Tonight’s green beans were courtesy of a dinner guest who has a share in a local farm co-op. As prepared they are wonderful and crisp. The Glen-Mor Restaurant added butter, which is omitted here but can be added if desired.

Servings: 4

Fresh 1 lb. green beans

Pantry 2 quarts water 1 tsp. [...]

Zucchini & Summer Squash

The Glen-Mor Restaurant method of using stock to boil the squash is a new preparation method for me, and adds a little depth to these summer vegetables.

Servings: 4 to 6

Fresh 1 lb. zucchini or summer squash, or combination of both 2 cups Chicken Stock 1 Tbsp. butter

Pantry 2 cups water 1/2 [...]