Steamed Mussels

We made steamed mussels tonight deviating from the traditional Glen-Mor Restaurant recipe. The Glen-Mor served mussels with salt and Clarified Butter on the side, as described below. For some variety, I sauteed a little garlic in butter and added 1 cup of white wine and 2 Tbsp. of fresh minced parsley. Then I poured this sauce [...]

Crab Rolls

It took a few attempts to locate good lump crab meat, but I found it in a small fish shop next to my local market. The Crab Rolls at the Glen-Mor were grilled similar to the Lobster Rolls, which I didn’t do below, but can be done if desired.

Servings: 4 large rolls [...]

Egg Salad Sandwiches

Servings: 4

Fresh 10 eggs 4 pieces iceberg, Boston, or similar lettuce 4 sandwich rolls

Pantry 4 tsp. salt, divided, additional to taste 3/4 cup mayonnaise

Boil eggs Place eggs carefully in a medium pot and cover with cold water up to 1-inch above the eggs. Add 2 tsp. salt. Cover pot and heat over [...]

Custard Pie

We served Custard Pie as one of several desserts for a Memorial Day lunch. I par-baked the crust and used an egg white wash prior to adding the custard filling to keep the bottom crust intact and crispy.

Servings: 8

Fresh 1 Pie Crust 5 eggs, divided 2 cups milk 3 Tbsp. butter

Pantry [...]

Tapioca Pudding

I could not find small pearl tapioca in any of our local stores, so I bought it online, and the smallest quantity I could find was 1 pound. We will be eating Tapioca Pudding for the next two years.

Servings: 8 to 10

Fresh 2-1/4 cup milk 2 eggs

Pantry 1/2 cup small [...]

Blueberry Pie

The Glen-Mor Restaurant used wild Maine blueberries for desserts like Blueberry Pie, which are only available in late summer and can be difficult to find outside of Maine. I used California blueberries for this pie and it turned out very well. I will try this again in September and report back if the Maine blueberries are really [...]

Broiled Sole

Broiled Sole is a staple dish on many New England restaurants, and was served for years at the Glen-Mor Restaurant. The Glen-Mor prepared sole with clarified butter, but I find the fish doesn’t need anything except a little pepper and a squeeze of lemon. 

Servings: 4

Fresh 1 lb. sole 1 lemon

Pantry 1 tsp. [...]

Lobster Sandwiches

Lobster Sandwiches are basically Lobster Rolls on toasted bread with lettuce instead of a grilled bun.

Servings: 4

Fresh 6 Boiled Lobsters (1 lb. each) 8 slices bread 4 pieces iceberg lettuce 2 Tbsp. butter

Pantry 1-1/3 cup mayonnaise

Prepare lobster meat Cook lobsters following Boiled Lobster recipe. Extract lobster meat and discard shells. [...]

Lobster Rolls

Servings: 4

Fresh 5 Boiled Lobsters (1 lb. each) 4 rolls, hot dog buns or similar 4 pieces iceberg lettuce 2 Tbsp. butter

Pantry 1 cup mayonnaise

Prepare lobster meat Cook lobsters following Boiled Lobster recipe. Extract lobster meat and discard shells. Roughly chop lobster meat into approximately 1-inch cubes. Set meat aside in a [...]

Boiled Lobster

Boiling live lobsters is relatively straight forward provided the timing is adjusted for the size of the lobster. The most important tip (according to Jim) is to remove the rubber bands on the claws before boiling. We served a lovely lobster lunch on Saturday in Maine with Jim’s mother and my sister.

Servings: [...]